Leaking Washing Machine – Leaking From Soap Dispenser

As a field service engineer or washing machine repair man per say, I have come across a lot of appliances leaking from the soap dispenser. Some of the faults can be easily solved while others will need the attention of a service engineer.

There are mainly (2)two types of soap dispenser leak, now allow me to walk you through this.

1. The first is if during water intake or filling process lg washer repair pasadena, water begin to leak from the dispenser, you either have a blocked dispenser hose or your water pressure is too high. Blocked dispenser hoses is caused by low water pressure, the washed detergent is not washed fast enough into the drum and they get deposited in the dispenser hose. To clear the hose, TURN OFF the appliance from the mains, unplug it, remove the top lid, locate the dispenser hose and then squeeze to unclog the soap powder. That should solve the problem, oh by the way blocked fabric conditioner compartment can also cause leakage.

To reduce your water pressure, locate to inlet water valve, this is mostly located under the sink unit or behind the washing machine. Turn the valve just to reduce the pressure BUT dont shut OFF the water supply.

2. If you are having water leak from the soap dispenser during the spin cycle then it is more likely you have a blocked sump OR blocked drain outlet this is attached to the drain point under the sink unit. If your washing machine has a filter in front, check the filter first and then the outlet.

After you have than all the above and you still have leakage from the dispenser then it is time to call a service engineer. Try to find a service engineer who can give you a round estimate, dont go for those who charge by the minute or hour.

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